Supporters in Crete

Our Supporters on Crete



We are delighted that the local community have embraced Sara`s families with kindness and warmth which ensures their week in the sunshine is a memorable and extremely happy one.


Over the last 6 years so many local businesses have welcomed our families with open arms and invited them to their family run Taverna`s and Restaurants to have meals and drinks on the house. The families always leave with special memories that general tourists may not have the opportunity to enjoy.

Frankie Miles

Set up a library to raise funds for the charity several years ago , originally it was housed in the Villas Crete Holidays office but has been relocated to the Almyrida Beach Resort Hotel. The library generates over 1000 euros per year which helps us maintain Sara`s Retreat and to provide special memories for Sara`s families. Anna and Bob Scott do a fabulous job looking after the library and kindly take any duplicate books to sell in the second hand shops in Chania for the charity. Visit this link to find out more.....

Chania Boat trips

Offer Sara`s families a free 1 hr or 3 hr boat trip from Chania harbour and this is always one of the highlights of the week. The crew are great fun and the families can watch the diver swim under the glass bottom boat while he feeds the fish and collects shells and other surprises! Visit this link for more information.....

Sue and her Family

Cretan Corner Taverna Aptera Welcome Saras Hope Foundation Families to join them for a free night of a high quality traditional Cretan three course meal (meat on the grill or a vegetarian option) with stunning views of the White Mountains, the Families are invited to take part in the Cretan Dancing, which is an amazing spectacle and very exciting ... the Families always leave with big smiles on their faces.

The Cotton Club Giorgioupolis 

Dimitris Papadogiannis is our ambassador for Crete and a loyal supporter os Saras Hope Foundation. Dimitris pampers our Families at the Cotton Club and takes care of all their needs as they sit and take in the beautiful sea views. Whether they wish to sample the Cotton Clubs famous breakfasts, delicious adult or children cocktails, milk shakes, choice of delicious snacks and salads, cakes and waffles or various coffees and fresh juices, they'll certainly be wanting to return for more! Dimitris raises a substantial amount of funds for the Charity by selling specially designed Cotton Club / Saras Hope Foundation "T" Shirts every season with all profits donated to the Foundation.


Limnoupolis Waterpark

A massive thank you to the Manager and Staff of Limnoupolis Waterpark who invite Saras Hope Foundation families for a day of fun. Its a great place always a summer favourite. The park features many good water features, slides, lazy river and pools. You also have the chance to dive and bob around a perpetual river.


Captain Jack Almirida.

Sophia and Ritchy have been loyal supporters of Saras Hope Foundation for the last four years. Sara's families enjoy the fun filled atmosphere and they love dressing up as Pirates and have the chance to sing Karaoke. Captain Jacks also hosts regular fundraising nights and events, including Open Mike nights, Quizzes, darts competitions, Valatine and live music nights which are always well attended and good fun. A big thank you to Sophia and Ritchy for their kindness and for helping us create smile and precious memories.



John Paterakis of Insurance line in Rethymno. Telephone 283 10 283 10.

John has been of great help with the insurances for Saras Hope Foundation on Crete and offers us and our supporters a first class service and very competitive prices. We are pleased to be working with him and Insuranceline. If you would like John to give you a competitive quote for your insurance please give him a call or contact him at or email:

We have many businesses who offer prizes for our events and sell Sara`s merchandise. We are also very lucky that many local bands, musicians and entertainers are happy to give up their time for free to raise funds for our charity and many venues which host charity music or quiz events throughout the year.

To you all we say a very big thank you