Our families are the drive behind the hard work and dedication of all of the Saras Hope Team. Seeing what a difference the retreat makes to these families and the child living with cancer is amazing. After all of the stress, worry and constant hospital visits we want the families to be able to relax and not have that worry looming over them, we want them to rebuild that special bond families have. A lot of the time siblings get split up and don’t get to spend the time needed together like normal siblings, from splashing in the pool to a trip on the glass bottom boat we want to help play a part in the re growth of these special relationships.

Ged and Julie are always on hand to share their stories and experience of having a child with cancer and offer support and an ear to listen, they know all too well what the families have gone through and although sadly Sara isn’t here today to witness the amazing work, we are sure she would be proud of the fantastic work the are doing in her memory.

Since they opened their doors and arms in 2011 we are proud to announce that we have welcomed a staggering 70 children and their families into the retreat. We never thought that this would be possible and we are so happy that Saras Hope Foundation is able to be there to offer this service at the end of the child’s cancer journey.

Families that visit the retreat are not only ‘our families’ but often turn into friends for life that continue to make the work we do possible. We have welcomed so many inspirational people into the retreat and we love welcoming them into the Saras Hope Family.