Saras Hope Foundation Story

Saras Hope Foundation Story is one that has touched the hearts of many people all over the world. People often ask ‘Why do we need Saras Hope Foundation?’ the reason is simple, we want to create Smiles, Hope & Precious memories.

We aren’t in competition with any other charity and do our best to help and support as many as we can. We work closely with the Clic Sergeant teams in hospitals all over the country to ensure we can help as many children and their families as possible.

In this video founders Ged and Julie take the time to answer personal questions about the charity and Sara. Dealing with tough times and seeing families that still have their child takes a toll on both Ged and Julie however they are always so positive and in constant reminder that this was set up and can make a difference to so many children’s lives, thanks to Sara Hoburn.

They are the backbone of the charity and we are all so proud of them both and their achievement in being able to set up this amazing charity in memory of their daughter.

The idea concept, thought up on the balcony of a hotel in Greece was simple, the process however wasn’t an easy one. Pure dedication and determination pushed Ged and Julie through the hard times and helped them achieve their dream.

Saras dream was to work with children, she would constantly put others first when in hospital and comfort children in just as much need as herself. She was a truly inspirational young lady and even in this video it is clear to see the pride both Ged and Julie have for their daughter. Take the time to watch this video and we can guarantee it will touch your heart.