FAQs on Saras Hope Foundation!

We hope to answer all of you FAQs in this section and give you an insight into the background of Saras Hope Foundation and why we chose the beautiful island of Crete!

Why Saras Hope Foundation Is Required?

Clic Sargent is one of the points that families can access this wonderful charity:

A message from Maureen Cannell (CLIC Sargent Social Work Assistant). 

Having a cancer diagnosis doesn’t only affect the sick child it impacts on the everyday life of the whole family. Treatment can often involve long periods spent in hospital, and for many families it’s difficult even to plan a holiday, let alone pack up and go away.

Sara’s Villa in Crete will be a fantastic resource. Families will be able to enjoy time on their own and relax, without the hassle of arranging the holiday, flights, accommodation etc. and with no cost to the family.

Ged and Julie have really thought about what it is that families will want during their stay and as they live in close proximity they can be around should families require any assistance during their stay. This is ideal should families need transporting around the island or just a friendly chat about places to see and visit.

Why Crete?


Crete is a great location for the retreat for a number of reasons

With its warm climate, year round sunshine, azure sea, fascinating history and warm hospitality, we believe Crete to be the perfect location to build the retreat and give the children and their families a fantastic break from treatments and long hospital stays.

Friendly & Welcoming People
The Cretan people are renowned for their friendliness and warmth, they have strong family orientated values and the lifestyle is set at a much slower pace than that of the UK

Healthiest Diet in Europe
Research has proven that the island has one of the healthiest diets in Europe, with an abundance of organic fresh fruit and vegetables. Home produced olive oil is used in most Cretan dishes and scientists have linked this with a healthier lifestyle, resulting in a very low recording of serious illnesses (such as cancer and heart related illnesses) than in other European countries. The Apokoronas Bay area has a strong British community who have pledged their support for the project

Breathtaking Scenery
The scenery is breath-taking. With a child friendly beach, mountains as a backdrop and a selection of tavernas and restaurants (providing a variety of Cretan and International cuisine). There are also a variety of water sports and boat trips available on the beach.

Get Away From It All
The retreat is located in a peaceful setting so the family can get away from it all, but the villa will be only a 10-minute drive to the beach and village centre, making it the ideal location. The retreat is within walking distance of a typical Cretan village

Ged and Julie have dedicated their lives to ensure that each family has an enjoyable and memorable time whilst enjoying their break. Although the families very much control the holiday and how much or how little they want to do the Hoburns are always on hand to share their fountains of knowledge with the families and help make the break to the retreat as special as possible.

How do I Donate?
Please visit our donations page here…

We hope that we have answered all of your FAQs however if there is anything else you require information on please do get in contact and we will be happy to tell you more.