Meet the team!

Saras Hope Foundation is run by a small hardworking group of employees, directors and volunteers in the UK. We also have a Crete team who manage the retreat in Crete.If you are interested in being part of our team then please contact  Carol at:

Ged Hoburn – Founder / Retreat Manager

In sixteen magical years Sara filled my life with so much happiness, love and pride to last a lifetime.I know Sara will always be my ‘angel’ and she will be thrilled and excited by the aims of Sara’s Hope Foundation and with the strength and determination we have found through the inspiration of Sara we know the dream will become a reality.

When the first child walks through the door of the retreat, Sara will be smiling down from the stars.


Julie Hoburn – Founder / Retreat Manager

Sara was my best friend, the bond we share is precious
and will live on eternally.  I am the proudest ´mam´ in the world.You are my inspiration to follow our dream and help other children and teenagers in the way you would.  You are so special and I know in my heart the dream will come true.

Thank you sweetheart for filling my life with love, laughter and joy.

David Culling- Chairman

After meeting Ged and Julie at the Retreat, I could see how a break in this beautiful setting would benefit these families.I felt compelled to offer to help this inspirational couple achieve their dream.Having experience in event management I felt this would benefit the charity and feel honored to be part of the team here in the UK too.

Alan Gray – Vice Chairman

I believe in the aims of Saras Hope Foundation and have seen at first hand the difference they make to the lives of

Over the past few years my involvement was initially in sourcing auction/raffle prizes and raising awareness of the charity within my corporate clients.I recently decided to become a Director in order to be at the centre of the action.This cause is personally important to me and I am happy to share my network of contacts and corporate partners in order to persuade them to get involved (ie: Thorn Lighting)

Carol Bennett – Office Manager

Being the first UK employee way back in 2011, I feel both delighted and privileged to be part of Saras Hope Foundation.  Inspired by the tragic story behind the foundation and meeting founders Ged and Julie and their team of hardworking volunteers, I feel very passionate and so proud to be involved in helping them reach their dream of providing young people with cancer and their families, quality time together at the Retreat in memory of their daughter Sara.  Seeing the charity grow over the past five years has been an amazing experience, it’s success is down to our wonderful supporters and volunteers, here’s to many more years of success.  Get in touch with Carol by emailing or ringing 0191 223 6789.

Jess Maguire – Fundraising Support Officer

After volunteering with the charity for two years I was delighted to be welcomed on board and be part of this fantastic team. Seeing what a difference a week away makes in such a beautiful place to these children and their families is so rewarding and the time and effort our supporters put in to raise funds is fantastic. I cant wait to start my adventure with Sara’s Hope Foundation and help make a difference to the lives of children living with cancer.

Rachael Miley – Director Secretary

I am excited to be part of this inspirational charity. I unfortunately never had the chance to meet Sara, but through the hard work and dedication of her family and friends I know we can make a difference to the lives of children who deserve it.

Sheila Culling- Director

I got involved after listening to Ged and Julie’s personal story and witnessing first hand their work and efforts in making each individual family’s visit filled with special memories.I am now able to help with fundraising efforts and events in Crete and also enjoy working with Carol and the team here in the UK office


Keith Gibson – Director

I was privileged to know Sara, unfortunately not for long enough.I am also privileged to be friends with Ged and Julie and was absolutely delighted to be invited to be involved and part of this wonderful dream to help make it become reality.

Will Tombs- Director/ Treasurer

I can see how passionate everyone is about the charity, I have already been roped into doing this year’s GNR in September so will raise as much as I can for this worthy cause. It’s great to see the effect that Saras Hope Foundation has on the families, I certainly feel honoured to be part of the team.


Jon Laws – Director

I have been aware of Saras Hope Foundation for many years and whenever possible I have tried to get involved by raising money through various sponsorship events.
I feel the passion and commitment that I have witnessed by the team has been infectious and the motivation behind the charity is inspiring. As a result I was really pleased to be invited to join the board of Directors.
Hopefully my increased involvement will contribute to the ongoing positive development so that many more young people and their families can experience ‘a little of something special’ – quality time together.

Raymond Partridge